BrockU TSA
BrockU TSA, a university organization run by students, had approached me about a branding project that would refresh their current identity and boost their position in the competition. After researching and establishing the business insights, goals, and competitive advantages, a foundation for custom design a strategy was paved. 
Once the identity and tone were established, I created a variety of designs while keeping in mind the wants and needs of the client, as well as keeping in unison with Brock's (university) identity. The result was a unique, fearless and aspirational look that reflected Brock's boldness. The logo is highly functional and versatile: allowing for quality products that complement the identity of Brock as a whole, and allows for a presence on social media. Through a mixture of social web and technology solutions, the brand is more connected with its target audience. The distinctive look confidently stands atop the organization's competition and is sure to resonate with future consumers.
Graphic Design
Social Media Templates